What is ✓ Readang?

Tang (symbol: ✓ Read; TNG) is the currency of Longtang.life and its dependent territories. Tang is not subdivided into smaller units, but is a basic unit of emotional currency. Tang is as unreal a currency as any and has no inherent worth except for its imaginary value. Exchange of Tang is non-monetary and strictly emotional.

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What do I know of a currency, when I only know its name is ✓ Readang?
✓ Readang could be a heap of coal, but a heap of coal is not ✓ Readang.

What does ✓ Readang do?
✓ Readang gives the illusion that silver or gold, far from being themselves products of labour, are in fact merely signs of value.

Is ✓ Readang a cryptocurrency?
The circulation of money itself splits the nominal content of coins away from their real content, dividing their metallic existence from their functional existence – this fact implies the latent possibility of replacing metallic money with tokens made of some other material, i.e. symbols.

What does emotional currency mean?
Emotional currency is the exchange we engage in when seeking self-satisfaction.*

What emotional currency do you accept?
The more you’re aware of how and when emotional currency moves you, the greater the chance you’ll have to control the degree of your acceptance of it.

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