The Solidarity Book Chain Action Library

The Solidarity Book Chain Action Library is an initiative started in June 2020 to implement more titles of black and brown authors into predominantly white libraries. The library at Longtang is open to anyone. Titles can be read on site or borrowed.

Feel free to participate and share below, original mail with anyone you like.

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Betreff: Solidarity Book Chain Action
Datum: 7. Juni 2020 um 11:44:34 MESZ
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Hello :)This is an action of solidarity. This is an act of learning and listening from the source. This is an action that aims to keep the conversation flowing and the mind working. This is a celebration of literature. This action is to keep your mind thinking and reflecting and to hear Black and Brown people talking.This book chain is solely for the circulation of Black and Brown Authors (theory, fiction or poetry) as our libraries are too white. This bookchain was sparked by the murder of George Floyd in the USA, a call for knowledge became apparent in non-black communities and so this chain was started to share and celebrate these writers.The idea is that you send a book to the person at number 1 asapAfter you have done that, erase the person at number one, move my name to number one and add your own name to position 2. Then forward this email to 8 people in bccOver the next month, you should receive approx 8 books via post from Black or Brown authors that you can read and then circulate outside of this chain. You only need to send one, to the person at number one.After you have read a book please inscribe it with either a message, quote, or the phrase Black Lives Matter and under that add the phrase "pass this book on after you read it, to circulate knowledge and break the cycle of racism." Then pass it on to someone else to read in your community.If you do not know any Black or Brown authors, don’t be shamed into not participating instead research and open yourself to knowing.1. [Person], [Address] 2. [Person], [Address]Also if you like, email the title you chose to and they will match all titles and build a continuous growing, physical Book-Chain-Action-library for anyone to read on-site or borrow freely.> Longtang is a think tank in Zurich Further Places to Support/DonateFollow and donate to Reclaim the Block and Black Visions Collective —organisations committed to reform of the police and city council in Minneapolis. Donate to National Bail Out Fund here or link to and support your local organisations.
“Revolution is not a one-time event.” - Audre Lorde