Period S01E01

Ellinor Aurora Aasgaard, Mitchell Anderson, Stefan Burger, Samuel Haitz, Milena Langer, Miriam Laura Leonardi, Miltos Manetas, Not Félix González-Torres, PROVENCE, Shadow Brand®

The vagina is not masculine.
— Emily in Paris, S01E02

Pantone has partnered with the Swedish company Intima to create the new standalone colour, named “Period”. Longtang is soft-launching its new digital currency, Tang. Marx’s famous words, “all that is solid melts into air,” could not have been more prophetic.

The increasing commodification of abstract concepts is by no means taboo, even if periods may still be perceived as such by some. Under the pretense of self-realization, work and commerce were successfully incorporated into the idea of a normal life after the protests of 1968, and now, commercial actors are spearheading social and political issues as part of their elaborate campaign strategies.

To form a critique of commodity culture is no easy task, since attacking a brand will be seen as attacking their good cause, and no good middle class citizen wants to be a reactionary. Brands with dual social and political figureheads act like a chess player, always a move ahead.

The only sensible way of getting a word in is to participate and alter the meaning of the campaign, otherwise known as brand-contestation. Ergo, Longtang is widening the field with its first Period Room. The final word is yet to be said. Period. Tang.

Conceived by Tobias Kaspar for Longtang.


Period S01E02