Longtang is a registered nonprofit association in Zurich, Switzerland. The proceeds from the membership fees go to the creation of new Longtang projects and editions.

The following memberships are available to private as well as legal persons:

Longtang Lite
Create an Account to join the Longtang universe. Start mining and advance in rank.
Longtang Member
CHF 120 / year
Become a Longtang Member. Your account will be credited ✓ Read120 once, and you receive a one-time Longtang gift edition.
Longtang Peer
CHF 1'200 / year
Ascend to the ranks of a Longtang Peer. Your account will be credited ✓ Read1'200 once, and you receive a Longtang gift edition every year of your membership.
Long Tang
Special Donation
Become a Longtang deity. We are forever in your debt.

To become a Member, Peer or Long Tang, contact


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