Longtang.life 2021

Welcome to the digital realm of Longtang. This website presents LT’s current and past activity, and serves as a publishing platform for selected articles by PROVENCE.

Longtang.life 2021 introduces the emotional currency ✓ Readang. Become a registered user and collect ✓ Readang by reading articles on the website. Increased amounts of ✓ Readang give your higher rank and rewards, and a higher standing in the Longtang universe. The use of motifs from the attention economy links online activity with commercial and communal exchange. In this microcosm, reality is the second screen, Longtang is the first screen.

The website design offers a flexible system supportive of dynamic content, its tag-based navigation allows ties and relations to form between activities and articles.

Longtang.life 2021 was conceived and designed by Shadow Brand®. It replaces Longtang’s former website by Thomas Sauter.


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