Ilaria Vinci
Iris IV: Mind Gamer

Friday, December 17

Iris is a hero type in an epic franchise, the absent main character of a double saga exhibition between Plymouth Rock and Longtang. After Iris’ research in a giant diorama she reaches the portal that brings her to her favorite game Divided Mind.

There you are, Iris!

It’s been a while. I guess you are still figuring out how to handle the portal without getting those migraine attacks with aura. I beg you to follow my advice, so you wouldn't need to wonder about these splashy and bobbly auratic lights again and again.

Anyway, now you're here, in your mind map, and ready to face a new challenge. Let's just hope it goes better than last time. You know: sometimes you win and sometimes you learn.

I don't need to explain what this level offers you. Last time you lost miserably and I think it was enough of a lesson to make you understand that maybe you shouldn't start again from the Vulnerability challenge. So? Which one are you thinking of starting with? Integrity or Resilience? The choice is yours. But come what may, you'll grow. It's useless to huff and puff – you know it's your turn! Besides, you chose it, didn't you?

You’re at level seven, you can’t give up yet, you have a lot to learn to reach level thirty. Counting these three rings of challenge, you still have fifty-four more to go. You know that it can't always go well, so you just have to accept your weaknesses and use your strengths. So, try to stop with the lame muffins and aim for the best rewards for once.

I knew it, you got tired of hearing me talk and couldn't wait to get started.

So this time you chose Integrity, great choice. Just remember…

Come on little Iris, keep fighting, concentrate and use all your efforts without ever giving up. This time you will get closer to the key and soon you will be one step away from becoming Queen. I believe in you.

Text: Raffaele Vinci

The exhibitions are opening under 3G health guidelines.