Chantal Kaufmann
I Start From The Beginning Because I Don't Know How To Start From Where I Am

And as a thief, for a long time, I inhabited a place that didn’t really feel natural. I have always practiced flight/theft, and as a thief/who-flies, I got away, flew away, moved away from lands and seas (I never crawled, burrowed, dug, trudged; but I swam a lot). So I asked myself: How to become a regime, a system, energies of spending not necessarily carved out by culture? Or rather to commit oneself to work against the repressive forces which bring about political oppression? Something where there is no closing, something endless, that escapes the repressive mechanisms of the rational, that exceeds being totally captured by logic? Where A not only comes into being through the exclusion of not-A. Where A does not render its negative invisible, as no-thing.​

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