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Located in Zürich-Seebach District 11, the Longtang pavilion functions as production facility, exhibition space and artist studio, featuring a communal area with kitchen, three separate studios and two shared production/exhibition spaces.

Longtang is a think tank with focus on the relationship between contemporary art and service, co-producing products and knowledge in collaboration with artists, curators, designers, entrepreneurs and writers. Longtang's mission is to connect the local/communal with the remote/global – facilitating production and dialogue around art, labor and habitation.

Longtang is a registered nonprofit association in Zurich, Switzerland and was founded in 2018 by Anne Gruber, Tobias Kaspar, Emil Michael Klein and Ludovica Parenti.

Longtang is partnered with PROVENCE, a publication series and magazine. Selected articles from PROVENCE are made available on


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